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Jun 9, 2013

Defiant Order originally came out in France in 2011, but thanks to OWSLA they are bringing this great album to the rest of the world. The sounds found on Defiant Order are futuristic and often times dark. Defiant Order plays like an album instead of a collection of tracks, my personal favorites are Cadillac Dreams and Written In The Sand. Here’s what each member of Birdy Nam Nam had to say about this release:

Crazy B : “With the album Defiant Order, we’ve got a sensation of freedom, that we didn’t fit the traditional mold. We felt like discovering and trying new things. Like being surprised by our own music.”

Lil Mike : “This album is not only a succession of tracks, but it’s a whole story.”

DJ Need : “Defiant Order is radical, dark, futuristic and authentic. Of course there are some links with our previous albums.”

DJ Pone : “The age, the experience and the evolution of the band bring us to make an album less spontaneous and not necessarily designated to clubs. Defiant Order is more complex, its need to be listened carefully to hear all the influences.”

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