Birdy Nam Nam is a Supersonic Orchestral DJ Quartet

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Jan 19, 2009

Yes I know they have already been talked about elsewhere. I have been very busy over the past few days, so I have a bunch of artists that I want to talk about over the next little while. The reason that I wanted to bring up Birdy Nam Nam is my belief that regardless of Justice’s involvement in their project they are set for great things. They appear to be abandoning the downtempo style they had on their last album and opting to move towards gritty Electro. Although I must say their last album has some awesome music to chill out to. The group has an amazing ability to use turntables as instruments and I really hope they come to Toronto. It would be a m blowing experience to see them in the flesh. Their new releases are heading in a much more energetic direction and I am excited to see the final product.

I guess I would call them an orchestral DJ quartet when you see videos like this one.


The Monarch

[audio:Birdy Nam Nam – The Parachute Ending (Produced by Justice).mp3,Birdy Nam Nam – TransBoulogne Express (Album Version).mp3,Birdy Nam Nam – Worried (Djedjotronic Remix).mp3,Birdy Nam Nam – Kind Of Laid Back.mp3,Birdy Nam Nam – Migration.mp3]

Birdy Nam Nam

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