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May 8, 2013



Hayden (heRobust) has been on a busy touring schedule but was able to find some time amidst to give up some words on the release and tour.

How has this tour been thus far?
Amazing. Gramatik, Cherub and I have totally different sounds and make for 3 totally different live experiences.


When can we expect a Canadian heRobust date?
I’m actually not sure yet, but Im sure they’re on the horizon. I actually spend a decent amount of time in Vancouver.



Have you dropped ‘Wait Till You See My Bird Machine’ on the road yet? Or are you saving it for ATL on the 9th?
I havent dropped it yet. That’s an edit that I did with another producer named Sir Charles. I guess I’m kind of waiting til we’re on a bill together to premiere that live.


Can you tell us a bit about the making of?
I live in Miami now, so when Ultra and WMC were going on I had a lot of people crashing at my place. Sir Charles was one of them. He mentioned to me that two tracks mixed very well in a set so I suggested we do an edit. They fit so well it only took a few hours.


Why do you release so much free music?
A large part of why I make music is to connect with people. It feels amazing to know that people are listening to songs that Iv created. Free music just reaches more people.


With your extensive catalog, how do you balance a set? I’ve heard artists say that you hadn’t played enough of your own music.
Hahaha well its not easy. My production covers a wide range of sounds. It includes everything from “raging” trap to chilled out downtempo. And I mean REALLY chilled out. One time Sir Charles’ mom called one of my tracks “opium den music” lol. I do my best to take people on a journey using both.


What’s your favourite part of being on the road?
The friendships that I’ve developed with other artists and fans is by far the best part.


Are you in the habit of supporting openers by attending their sets? Schedule permitting of course.
Yeah I always try to watch openers. It wasnt too long ago that I was opening and hoping the headliners were checking me out.


Any ATL music makers we should be keeping our eye on?
Taste Tester, Hydrabadd, Rekchampa, Divine Interface, Time Wharp, Supreme Ink, Deku, Cloudeater, I could go on forever…


808 or 909?
808, no question.



How are things as far as collaborations go? What is Supachip’s position these days? Looks like it has been a couple of years now.
Great. The gLAdiator collab was really fun. I think we’ll do another track together. I’m also working on some tracks with Two Fresh that I’m really excited about. Of course, Supachip is long overdue for a release and that should be coming out really soon actually.


And what surprises do you have for us in the near future?
I mean, I’ve been expanding to different genres pretty much the whole time. If I continued with that, would it be a surprise?


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