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Apr 15, 2013


There’ something about the music of UK-based producer Gold Panda that just gushes an air of springtime. His fantastic debut album “Lucky Shiner” carried a strong sense of whimsy, buoyancy and optimism. It only makes sense, then, that Gold Panda would announce the follow-up to “Lucky Shiner” on the first real day of spring (at least where I am). Entitled “Half of Where You Live”, the record is set to be released on June 11th through Ghostly International. You can listen to The breezy first single “Brazil” above, a tune made in light of Gold Panda’s  arrival in Sao Paolo.

 “I wanted to make a track that soundtracked my ride from the airport to downtown. The [vocal] sample is kind of like an excited chant, bigging up the place, then it all gets confusing to replicate the traffic and buildings.” – Gold Panda (via



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