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Apr 9, 2013

The latest Nest Exclusive comes from another unknown producer, Durante. This four track EP is filled with some excellent four on the floor bangers. The EP kicks off with Take A Look, which is a six minute Deep House treat. The next two tracks, Radio Challenger, lean more towards the Progressive side. Then my favorite track on the EP, Crash, ends the album with some Chill House. One of my favorite features of the Nest is that with each release is accompanied by a message from the artists themselves. Here’s what Durante had to say about Challenger:

“Hey guys, I’m Durante, and I intern for OWSLA. I’ve made this ep to showcase the different sounds I’ve been listening to lately. I was really trying not to fall into any one genre, because at the end of the day music is just that: music. With that being said, the main focus was to have lots and lots of BASS. So make sure you listen to the tracks of Challenger with a loud subwoofer, and if you don’t have one, find a friend that does and play it on their system. You won’t be disappointed.”






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