Alex Metric – Ammunition Pt. 3 [Album Review]

Alex Metric’s been turning out tunes for the last three years, but it wasn’t until he released part one of his Ammunition  series that he really started to turn heads. The first single from that release, Rave Weapon, was a glorious progressive tech house record that grasped listeners from the get-go. Late last year he debuted on OWSLA with Ammunition Pt 2, which included two new originals and handful of remixes of Rave Weapon. Today he releases his third entry in the series and this is what he had to say: “The ammunition series is an opportunity for me to put out straight up club weapons and tracks for my DJ sets across genres. In Pt3 I’ve got full on rave action, house music, a festival sized emotional moment record and some French influenced disco vibes. I hope you all enjoy!”


The EP kicks off with Ilium, which starts with some groovy progressive vibes with a midsection leaning more towards Electro. The chunky bass mixed with the vocal sample is pure listening pleasure. Up next is Scandalism, which happens to be my personal favorite on the EP. It’s the French Disco track he described, and it’s excellent. The sound design is lush and vibrant, the vibes really go along with Spring. Sitting at six minute mark, Scandalism, is Alex’s best production to date. RW2 is next and is Alex’s most aggressive record yet. The build up melody is infectious and and the drop is grimy. Last is, Want Ya, which is straight up House with a small tinkling of Tech. It’s a strong way to end an EP, leaving me wanting more.


Ammunition Pt3 is an enjoyable time. I want to praise Alex for his beat design here. Each song features a little something I found myself loving, like the snare pattern on Want Ya. Alex has done a wonderful job, and I will be keeping an eye on him this year!
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