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Mar 7, 2013

Corey Baker, better known as Kill Paris, has been a producer I’ve been following for the last year and each of his releases has left me frustrated with anticipation for the next one. A little over ten months ago he released his debut funk EP, The Begining, which got him a lot of attention. Throughout the rest of the year he released great funky singles like Baby Come Back and Tender Love. His fresh take on electronic music has caught the attention of Skrillex and now Corey is releasing his newest EP, To A New Earth, on OWSLA. Included in the EP are three mid tempo originals and six remixes from the likes of Candyland and K Theory. A standout feature on this EP is Corey’s implementation of live guitar. Throughout the tracks you’ll hear funky little guitar plucks, this gives the EP a real “human” feel and adds character.


Slap Me

The three originals combine Glitch-Hop with new school Funk. The opening track, Slap Me, feels just as much glitch as it does funk. The main melody is split between a warm synth and a guitar. The switching between the instruments gives it a glitch feel while the guitar gives it the funky feel we’ve all grown to love from a Kill Paris track.


To a New Earth

The title track is next and it delivers! The guitar on this track has a real 70’s vibe and really shows Corey’s ability to blend new and old school flavors. The sub bass on this track is wet and funky. The mid section slows things down with a spacey slow build up to the second drop. To a New Earth is my personal favorite on the EP.


Catch You

The last of originals is next! Catch You starts strong with an attention grabbing drum pattern. The bass on Catch You is chunky and really compliments the flute like melody which has a “summer” feel to it. Catch You does indeed catch your attention and is easily the most infectious song on the EP. Corey in the past has described his music as “Panty soaking dropstep” and this tune is the ultimate baby maker.


To accompany the three originals are six remixes, if you’re a member of the Nest that number is raised to nine!   Griz and K Theory’s take on Slap Me are both super fun and glitchy. On the other side, Candyland’s remix is a heart pounding dubstep track. The tempo speeds up during the latter half and turns it into a kick ass drumstep tune. Robert Delong’s take of Catch You is the only house tune on the EP. It slows the intensity down, a perfect tune after a night of partying. Theory and Gramatik end the EP with some more glitch. Out of the two ending remixes, Gramatik’s stands out the most. For Nest members, we were treated with three exclusive remixes done by K Theory, Robert Delong, and Maor Levi. Maor Levi’s remix is one of the most intense songs I’ve heard in a long time. If you aren’t a member of the Nest, I highly recommend checking it out here!


Kill Paris has released one of the best EP’s this year so far. His production is crisp, the sound design is original, and the song structure is engaging. With him signing to OWSLA I can guarantee we’ll be hearing more from him soon!

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– Filippo

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