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Oct 20, 2012


Coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia, our third podcast is brought to you by Justin Erougian, better known as Airwolf. If you’ve been on the internet any time since May you’ve likely seen a few remixes of his disco house beauty, Believer, floating around. Since Airwolf produces a variety of styles I was verycurious to hear this set and let me tell you it really exceeded all of my expectations. I don’t think I’ve ever listened the whole way through a mix where I didn’t recognize 90% of the songs in the tracklist, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Give it a listen, it’ll put a smile on your face. 🙂

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It Aint Easy (JNL Remix) – Bit Funk
Real Talk – Touch Sensitive, Anna Lunoe
Use Me Again (Carl Craig Remix) – Tom Trago
Sensations – Cause & Effect
Ibiza (Jerome Robins Vs Deko-ze Jungle Funk Mix) – DJ PP
Untitled (HiJack Remix) – DJ Falcon
Feeling (His Majesty Andre Remix) – The Phantom’s Revenge
String Thing – Shadow Child
Pushy Pushy – Cause & Effect
Perfect Combination (Codes Remix) – Kill The Noise
Locat (NAPT Remix) – Surrender
Nothing Left To Say (Heavyfeet Remix) – Diamond Lights, Junipa
Beausejour – JNL


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