Death Grips leak new album, piss off Epic Records in the process



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Oct 1, 2012

This morning, revolutionary noise-rap outfit Death Grips made quite a stir when they unexpectedly leaked their new record “NOLOVEDEEPWEB” to the masses in the form of a .zip file. In a brief timespan, Death Grips have already garnered a reputation for being notoriously controversial and resistant but this (seemingly) benign offering has elevated their ‘bad-ass’ level significantly higher. In a recent development, Death Grips’ label, Epic Records, has  allegedly shut down their website in an effort to ‘punish’ MC Ride, Zach Hill and Andy Morin for their generous but naughty behaviour. However, this only makes those three rapscallions come off ‘harder’ and more ‘punk rock’ than ever! As for the album itself, ‘NOLOVEDEEPWEB’ is a brilliantly disorienting slab of bass-y gunk and brusque, nihilistic jabbering. Oh and one more thing, there’s a penis on the front cover.

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