Like many good things in life, nightwaves must come to an end. Summer is just about over and our balmy nights will soon turn to cold nights by the fire. The Ferrari Testarossa needs to be retired for the winter, the white linen suit needs to be dry cleaned and stored and the tanning oil needs to be forgotten. Nevertheless, the spirit of the perfect summer night can always be preserved and resurrected. That is the beauty of music. When a nightwave was playing during a perfect summer moment, that moment was captured. It fused with the song making the two inseparable.

I’m not sure about you guys but I had many such moments this summer, making several of these nightwaves the soundtrack to my summer. Now with summer coming to an end I wont need to rely on some writings in a journal because my music library has become a journal of sorts. In fact, better than a journal. Each time I want to go back and truly feel that summer moment I have but to find the song, press play and soak in the summer heat.

I want to thank eveyone who supported this feature and sent me positive feedback and track ideas. Finally, I hope that you too have a few nightwaves that you can pull out to warm a deep winter night…


Distance means so little, when someone or something means so much…

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