Flosstradamus – Underground Anthem



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Aug 23, 2012

As Trap explodes in popularity, people are looking more and more at artists like Baauer, DJ Sliink, and Flosstradamus to fill our ears with beautiful, bassy, hi-hat filled goodness. This time around it was Flosstradamus who stepped up to the plate, and they delivered.


Underground Anthem is everything lovable about Trap as a genre. The ever-present offbeat vocal clippings, the rhythmic modulations and hi-hat runs, and above all, a plethora of bass. The electro-influenced vocal renders over the swaggering hip/hop bass line is a perfect blend. Flosstradamus are masters of crafting catchy, mixable, and interesting Trap. They never let any one section run too long; just as the two word lyrics are getting a bit old, they suddenly turn into a running synth line, which then turns into that brain-melting bass that we all so enjoy. Truly delicious.



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