Dream Koala – We Can’t Be Friends.



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Aug 1, 2012

I’m not gonna lie, I originally listened to this because, well, his name is Dream Koala. And how could I resist the temptation of finding out what kind of music an artist named Dream Koala makes?? Turns out he’s a very talented young French beat-maker who simply describes himself on his Soundcloud as  “18 years old dreamer”.

His track, “We Can’t Be Friends.”, demonstrates just that. It’s a slow, pensive tune, and conveys some strong emotion. For a song without lyrics, I was stunned by the amount of sentiment that was transmitted. You can just feel the angst of it all, the sadness on the slow bends of the guitar, the optimism of the syncopated synth chords. The song really has a sense of purpose and direction, with a subtle but noticeable flow from beginning to end. Color me impressed.

For a pretty random encounter on the vast world of the interwebz, I was pretty pleased to have stumbled across this gem. Enjoy!

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