4 Tracks from Luminox That Will Make Your iTunes Relevant



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Aug 5, 2012

If you read my recent post, The Top 15 Trap Tracks of 2012 (so far), and have been following the electric revival of the genre then you may have noticed that a familiar name was markedly absent. Fear not, I didn’t forget him… I just ran out of room. For everyone else that doesn’t know who he is: get acquainted with Luminox. This experienced hip hop-turned-EDM producer excels in bringing big room and stadium sounds to trap music. The perfect example? His remix of club staple Epic by Sandro Silva & Quintino, which you can get for free via his Facebook page. Enjoy!









PS. If you somehow missed it, columnist Sydney J. recently did a great feature on another genre-leading trap artist, Lockah. Check it out HERE.



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