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Jul 8, 2012

‘Introducing’ is a weekly feature highlighting new and upcoming artists from the world of electronic music. Every Sunday we are proud to present a musician worth their salt, who is pushing bounds, making waves, is undiscovered, under-appreciated, or about to blow up, and most importantly, is making music people will be talking about six months from now.


Karma Kid is seventeen-year-old Derbyshire producer Sam Knowles, creating eclectic electronic music which he considerers to be a vibe that doesn’t even have an appropriate name yet.

I would tend to agree and that is part of its allure. When I listen to his tracks I don’t feel like they fit into the dubstep, garage or house music boxes. Perhaps bass or UK funky, UK garage but to be honest I am really not a label fan anyway. Instead his sound seems to be a blend of whole range of sound elements under the electronic umbrella. You could say that his sound is a bit Disclosure like but regardless of the parallel he remains a part of a growing body of “avant-garde” UK artists who are pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

What I love is Karma Kid’s ability to sprinkle R&B style vocals into the mix. But when the tune gets the people going, does it really matter what the genre is?

One thing is for sure, Karma Kid’s vibes are on the rise and many are buying in. For example, Radio 1 have been waxing poetic over the debut Karma Kid offering of the single “It’s always” released on Bondax’s ‘Just Us Records’ on August 6.

Furthermore Karma Kid has gotten his tires pumped from the likes of Annie Mac, Nick Grimshaw, Pete Tong, and Zane Lowe.

Damn it must be great to be this cool when you are only seventeen. With this kind of good karma, Karma Kid and similar “avant-garde” UK artists are certainly artists to watch, and this is exactly what I will do in a series of future posts. Enjoy.

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