Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee



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Jul 31, 2012

Joel Zimmerman has been cranking out tunes for the last few months. And the thing that impresses me the most about his incredible output is that the quality of his music doesn’t suffer. This latest installment in the Deadmau5 canon is exciting, different, and captivating.

“There Might Be Coffee” starts with a series of warm chords that set a tone for the rest of the track. Different from some of Deadmau5’s more intense and dark creations, I was excited to see where he’d go with the tune. When the song unfolds at :30 with a sultry, pulsing synth, I knew I was listening to Zimmerman’s latest tour de force. The maturity and experience of his production is palpable; everything is aligned, clean, smooth, and meticulous. Say what you will about Zimmerman as a person, but he truly produces with the best of them.

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