Major Lazer, Avicii, Pretty Lights, David Guetta and more #EDC day 3

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Jun 14, 2012

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A girl is hoisted tall above a cheering crowd, as Pretty Lights performs on day 3 of EDC Vegas 2012
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The Sunday night of Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas 2012 sported the largest early crowds, the most fireworks, and the carnival rides + art installations on full-tilt. We saw a swelling audience groove to Pretty Lights (above) main stage performance later in the evening, but even as the sun was just setting throngs of people cheered for Tritonal (below) on the ‘Circuit Grounds’ stage.

Fans reach for the roof during Tritonal's Sunday performance on the 'Circuit Grounds' stage at EDC Vegas 2012

Perhaps as a result of the Saturday early shutdown, people showed up much earlier than usual. One pair (below) costumed themselves in direct response to the wind storm that caused the early Saturday festival shutdown. And of course, throughout the Speedway, go-go dancers and costumed-ravers added to the festival aesthetic. As Insomniac pointed out, the people really were the headliners.

This pair of ravers decided to costume themselves on day in response to the early day 2 closure
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Go-go dancers added flair to the already visually impressive stages
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The installation art had a lot to do with the aesthetic too. Everything from the rides to the flame sculptures make the experience very immersive. Pictured below is the ‘Serpent Mother’ installation, which was our favourite.

The 'Serpent Mother' installation, with the electric daisy, carnival rides, and onlookers in the background
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The highlight of the evening, and indeed the entire festival, was Major Lazer’s Sunday performance on the Neon Garden stage. Their show is engaging, manic, and just so much fun. At a festival where other artists performed, these guys threw a party, and everyone was invited. The music selection was eclectic, accessible, and invited all kinds of reactions.

The scene during Major Lazer's Sunday performance during EDC Vegas 2012 was visually exciting
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Flame towers fire in the distance as a swelling crowd cheers for the high-energy antics of Major Lazer
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Jillionaire and Diplo’s antics throughout the set made the night really memorable. They started in suits and were shirtless mid-way through, as they implored the audience to take theirs off; Jillionaire had a confetti cannon which he shot off countless times; and the coupe de grace – Diplo rolled across the crowd in an inflatable ball!

Major Lazer began their performance with suits and a confetti cannon, pictured here mid-shot
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During his Major Lazer performance during EDC Vegas 2012, Diplo rolled on the crowd inside an inflatable ball
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During the Sunday Major Lazer performance during EDC Vegas 2012, girls were encouraged to come dance on stage
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And the antics weren’t limited to the stage either… a huge dance circle started with dozens of people daggering.

A pair of festival-goers daggering during Major Lazer's Sunday performance during EDC Vegas 2012
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After Major Lazer’s set, we made a quick trip to the main stage to catch some of the headlining action, starring Avicii and David Guetta. Suffice it to say, the crowds were enormous!

Avicii performs a surprise set at 'Kinetic Field' on Sunday to make up for his missed performance Saturday during EDC Vegas 2012
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David Guetta played on the main stage Sunday at EDC Vegas 2012
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Thousands of people view the main stage performances on Sunday night during EDC Vegas 2012
Photo credit: Erik Kabik

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