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Jun 17, 2012

Action Bronson performed in Toronto on Saturday June 16th at The Drake Underground in Toronto

Last night, as part of Toronto’s NXNE festival, Action Bronson performed at The Drake Underground. The house was packed, with a minimum two hour wait outside, but we were lucky enough to sneak down for some rad shots and one of the best rap shows we’ve seen in years.

The lyricism of the 27-year-old Queens rapper is among the most intelligent in the rap game today, putting him in class with the likes of Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Murs, and a small handful of other similarly articulate ‘conscious’ rappers.

He also happens to be extremely engaging and charismatic. His presence and demeanour command instant respect when he is performing – my quick shoot of the party was bookended by captivation by the speed, smoothness, and clarity of delivery. My friend remarked during the show “it’s not often that I can hear every single word a rapper says”. A sentiment I echoed, although with the minor caveat that the reverb that The Drake sound tech used on his vocals sounded like it was three times the size of the packed 150-200 person room.

Action Bronson mentioned (and performed) upcoming work with one of LA’s finest – and one of my favourite producers – The Alchemist. Supposedly this is a track off ‘Rare Chandeliers’. Can’t wait to see what else is in store from that release, and this very talented upcoming rapper.

Action Bronson lights an L during his Saturday night performance at The Drake Underground in Toronto

Action Bronson jumped in the crowd several times during his performance to engage with the NXNE crowd

The humorous live responses to his surroundings during Action Bronson’s performance were a highlight of his Saturday NXNE show

Action Bronson’s Saturday NXNE performance was one part work, and several parts fun

Action Bronson on stage Saturday during NXNE 2012

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