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May 1, 2012

“Flat Eric” creator, music video director, and oddball French producer Mr. Oizo recently released the ‘Stade 3’ – EP, a companion piece to last year’s ‘Stade 2’ LP. ¬†Oizo suggests that you “steal” the EP from his newly improved, retro-fied website¬† However, if that old, clunky computer is too slow for you, I’ve gone ahead and posted the entire EP below for your listening and downloading pleasure. ‘Stade 3’ is chock-full of the twitchy electro we’ve come to expect from Mr. Oizo. The title track follows in the same vein as “Flat Beat” or “Positif” and “WC” sounds right at home next to the deep funk of 2005’s “Moustache (Half a Scissor)”. All in all, a solid effort.

[wpaudio text=”Mr. Oizo – Stade 3″ url=” Oizo – Stade three.mp3″ dl=”true”]
[wpaudio text=”Mr. Oizo – Toodoo (feat. Carmen Castro)” url=” Oizo – Toodoo (feat. Carmen Castro).mp3″ dl=”true”]
[wpaudio text=”Mr. Oizo – Fingers” url=” Oizo – Fingers.mp3″ dl=”true”]
[wpaudio text=”Mr. Oizo – WC” url=” Oizo – WC.mp3″ dl=”true”]
[wpaudio text=”Mr. Oizo – Textes” url=” Oizo – Textes.mp3″ dl=”true”]
[wpaudio text=”Mr. Oizo – Calculatrix” url=” Oizo – Calculatrix.mp3″ dl=”true”]
[wpaudio text=”Mr. Oizo – Peehurts” url=” Oizo – Peehurts.mp3″ dl=”true”]

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