Oizo, Ocelot, Crookers, Beetroots and more!

So we’ve got a couple of tracks for you today. There isn’t much of a theme as they are all except they all could be considered Electro. Some are more fidgety than others. Some are from Texas, others are from France, half of them are from Italy and one of them comes from down under.
We’ve got Mr. Oizo‘s track Positif that though it didn’t strike me initially; I fell in love with after a second listen. Negatif is a remix by Mr. Flash that flips it a bit and makes it feel a little bit smoother but is equally awesome. They are both made or remixed by someone who goes by Mr. so you know they are legit and both begin with the awesome French sample “Arrêter de vous reproduire vous etes des animaux!” so you know i twill make you want to dance!
We’ve got two duos from Italy, which makes four dudes, who have been blowing up internationally. We bring you a couple of songs you may have heard elsewhere but that I really wanted to post because I feel they are both great examples of the sound that is manifesting itself in Italy due to the influence of Electro and Hip Hop on both of these acts. It’s a great sound with great intensity and the 72 Virgins Remix is one of my favorite tracks by The Bloody Beetroots, while the Crookers remix of Chromeo‘s Fancy Footwork is the only one that has really struck me other than the one by DJ Grandtheft of Team Canada.
The Ocelot remix of Human has been talked about a lot over the past week. I feel like a whore for posting it, or at least I feel like I should say that I am like every other blogger out there who posts this track. Actually FUCK IT! This is an awesome song and I am proud to give it a shout out here on Salacious Sound regardless of the fact that other people may have talked about it. It’s being talked about for a reason, the same reason why its on this blog, because it’s a great track!
The last track may be new to a lot of you. It’s from an Aussie producer named Pitch Dark and I truly felt he deserved a shout out because he’s still in the shadows. The first time I heard it I wasn’t sold but it gets in your head and stays or gets in your body and makes you move!
I guess the one thing that these tracks have in common is that they have grown on me and continue to do so at every listen!


The Monarch

[audio:Mr Oizo – Positif (Original Mix).mp3,Mr Oizo – Negatif (Mr. Flash Remix).mp3,Shitdisco – 72 Virgins (Bloody Beetroots Remix).mp3,Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix).mp3,Pitch Dark – Be On TV (Club Mix).mp3]

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