DVBBS – DRVGS (Arkasia Remix)



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May 9, 2012

Yoann Hebert has been balls-deep into music since picking up his first violin at 5 years old. At age 10 he was playing with an orchestra and by the time he was 12 was collaborating on mini-operas. By 2000 he was playing as a self-taught drummer in a metal band and began composing electronic music with the 3-man collective ADAPTEK. This led to the creation of the band ANTROPOD and the live performance known as Polakatek.

Following departure from the collective in 2008 he began to pursue his own projects.

Last year he set forth on a Dubstep project in order to create something more personal and untrodden. His knack for percussion is evident throughout the track, and I especially appreciate the well thought out breakdowns.

Expect big things from this man.

“I think this is what robots would f*ck to.” -Ben

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