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Apr 6, 2012

Draper is a producer from the UK that has been active for several years in online remix communities like Indaba, with several accolades including a top fifteen release on iTunes.

He released an eponymous 5-track EP on February 1st exclusively through Drop Dead Clothing with a limited run t-shirt/CD available. His self-described euphoric, summery, 8-bit sounding songs combine the familiarity of modern dubstep with delightfully soothing melodies, and some special sample-tidbits for careful listeners, especially those who are fans of Sonic the Hedgehog.

You can purchase the whole EP on bandcamp, and fromĀ CD/iTunes/Spotify.

You can listen to the whole EP here, and Draper has also given us permission to give away Painting the Sky!
Twitter: @DraperMusic

[wpaudio dl=”0″ text=”Draper – Illusion” url=” Illusion.mp3″]
[wpaudio dl=”true” text=”Draper – Painting The Sky (Radio Edit) (feat. Madame Luxe)” url=” Painting the Sky (feat. Madame Lu.mp3″]
[wpaudio dl=”0″ text=”Draper – Triller” url=” Triller.mp3″]
[wpaudio dl=”0″ text=”Draper – The Storm” url=” The Storm.mp3″]

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