Watch Skrillex’ live set at Ultra 2012 in Miami, featuring intense new visuals



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Mar 29, 2012

This video from Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex’, performance at Ultra 2012 shows just how brilliant and creative his production team is.

Team Skrillex has been picking up all of the best talent in design, photography, lighting, production, (etc) for the last year – a year in which he performed over 300 shows – so to see them flexing that creative muscle at Ultra and pushing the mothership concept forward was pretty cool.

My feelings about the set are warm, to say the least.. the drum and bass tempo is hype, and the dub influence is pretty consistent throughout. When I first heard the Full Flex version of Ruffneck, I knew it was my favourite (and the best track off the EP) because it was so heavily dub-influenced. Glad to see him incorporating more of that sound in his work!!

If you’re impatient, skip to around 2:10 – that’s where the video really takes off!

If you want to see his stage / visual show being constructed, go here.

Partial tracklist:
0:00 – 3:09 Nero – Promises (Skrillex Remix)
– 3:10 – 6:12 Skrillex ft. Alvin Risk – Ruffneck (Drumstep Mix)
– 6:13 – 6:44 Seems to be a mix of a few versions of Ruffneck. Regular Ruffneck, Kaba Re-Rub and Alvin Risk Drumstep Mix.
– 6:45 – 6:55 Skrillex ft. Alvin Risk – Ruffneck (Drumstep Mix)
– 6:56 – 8:06 Pendulum – Tarantula
– 8:07 – 10:57 Skrillex ft Sirah – Kyoto

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