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Mar 30, 2012

I last wrote about Calgary-native Trunkz‘ work on Comptine D un Autre ete, a track which he essentially covered and then remixed. That particular track roused some discussion about whether it is “authentic dubstep”, no doubt from the same types of people who make dubstep puritans mad by not accurately referring to certain tracks as “electro-dubstep.”

What wasn’t disputed was Trunkz’ apparent talent for writing and producing music, as well as covering and remixing. The track went on to get a HUGE amount of attention, and has garnered him some well-deserved exposure.

I predict this latest effort will turn out similarly. In fact, it may just exceed his previous effort; Ichor is just as well produced as Comptine, but is very much an electro-dubstep track that I could easily imagine a selection of top dubstep DJs playing in a peak-time party set.

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