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Mar 20, 2012

I have another track off Felix Cartal’s upcoming full-length album Different Faces (dropping March 27th) for you today. 30,000 LFOs is definitely the loudest, hardest track of the entire album. Compared to the relatively serene H.U.N.T., Cartal’s collaboration with Sebastien Grainger of DFA 1979 fame, 30,000 LFOs is like a sonic A-Bomb.

Check out the exclusive first listen we published yesterday of H.U.N.T.

In Felix’ words:

“Definitely the noisiest song on the record, I really wanted to go all out on at least one track. This is an experiment in pushing things to the limit. Not sure how many LFO’s were actually used but 30,000 seemed like a fair guess.”

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