Virtual Boy – Let Go [MP3]

Yesterday, Alpha Pup Records dropped the second single from the debut album of intriguing electronic duo Virtual Boy. I can’t say that I’ve heard any buzz surrounding the album or Virtual Boy for that matter, so, I’ve taken it upon myself to put this “buzzwagon” in motion.

“Let Go” opens with a vocoder that is curiously reminiscent of James Blake’s sparse “Lindisfarne I” and segues into an electro-acoustic guitar loop. At 1:36 the track reaches its apex as the beat jolts in and all the elements of sound converge. A brief overlook of Virtual Boy’s biography will reveal to you that members Henry Allen and Preston Walker are classically trained musicians. This is really no surprise considering the precision and technicality of “Let Go”. Their sound owes as much to Bach and Mozart as it does to Ratatat and The Glitch Mob. (bio via


Virtual Boy’s self-titled  debut album drops on February 7. In the meantime, you can watch their groovy video for “Let Go”:


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