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Aug 30, 2011

So you’re cruisin’ around the ghetto in your purple, low-rider Cadillac surrounded by leafy foliage and an assortment of hallucinogenics. The ultraviolet rays of the sun beam down through the sunroof, glinting off of your amethyst-encrusted necklace. You turn the corner and head down the road towards the local bowling alley. As you coast down the street, the sky starts to dim and a shooting star soars above you. You pull into the illuminated parking lot of the bowling alley and stare up at the indigo spotlights beaming up into the pomegranate sky above. A generic looking green Martian greets you at the door and leads you inside. A giant, magenta disco ball hangs from the ceiling, black lights adorn every blank space of wall, and a female robot wheels around serving everyone pizza. Prostitutes, thugs, Martians, and Prince (!) make up the guest list. They are all dancing spastically in the middle of the bowling lanes underneath the giant, magenta disco ball. Their leather shoes click and slide along the oily bowling lane surface. Bizarre funktronica encapsulates every pocket of air, working its way into your very core. You look to see where these grooves are coming from and you notice a shadowed figure in the corner, surrounded by amplifiers. You look closer trying to see who it is but everything starts to become blurry. You rub your eyes as you wake from your peculiar reverie only to realize that the music has stopped and you are alone dancing in the middle of a bowling lane. The manager of the bowling alley is yelling at you and in your shock you slip and fall, hitting your head on the slick, wooden floor.

Adam Forkner a.k.a. Kranky recording artist White Rainbow‘s latest release, Humidifier Plaza – EP, is yet another fine batch of mind-numbing, electronic psychedelia. Posted to the White Rainbow Bandcamp on August 11, this was the perfect accompaniment to the dog days of summer that were to follow.  Humidifier Plaza transports the listener to a wigged-out world of Cadillacs, Martians, and vibrant shades of purple (Something like Prince’s idea of a utopia!). Forkner’s blend of 80’s funk, southern hip-hop, and psychtronica is strangely cohesive. The track lengths range from 2:39 to 15:31, but Forkner still manages to flow everything together nicely. It is easy to lose yourself in his methodical rhythms and squelching synth melodies. Humidifier Plaza takes you on a mind-expanding journey to an alternate universe where bowling alleys are nightclubs and everything is purple. This is music to take mushrooms to.

Listen to 4 of the 5 tracks off of the Humidifier Plaza EP below:

[audio:White Rainbow – Cuban Egg.mp3,White Rainbow – Grout Vision.mp3,White Rainbow – Just Grabem in the Biscuits.mp3,White Rainbow – Another Sandwich.mp3]


If you would like to hear the 15-minute opus “MARTIN’S HUMIDIFIER PLAZA” and/or purchase the Humidifier Plaza – EP, see the widget below:


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