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Jul 7, 2011

Help Meaghan out Here

Hey folks,
This post is a bit different from all my other postings. Today, i reach out to the Salacious Sound community. A dear friend of mine, Meaghan, entered to participate in a notable Canadian womens cancer fundraiser walk in Toronto entitled, Weekend to End Womens Cancers. The commitments are high and include a 2day 60km walk, and a pledge of minimum $2,000. The purpose of this post is not a begging for donations but to merely bring awareness to a cause. In response, hopefully you may spread the word or perhaps even help out in any small monetary way. Any amount does make a difference, and can help her achieve her goal and the pledge requirement.
Cancer effects an extensive amount of people globally and has the ability to emotionally devastate those held close by within a split second. I can personally relate to the latter case. Last year my mother had a very close brush with cancer. In the end, the doctors ruled out breast cancer as a possibility for what was ailing my mother, and a weight was immediately lifted. That small brush acted as a wake up call. It jolted me into not taking loved ones around me for granted – including my mother. Eventhough my mother did not have breast cancer it made me realize the impact and dire ramifications this disease could have.
Chances are, you or someone you know has been effected by cancer. What do you say, help me out, help Meaghan out? Thank you in advance, from the very warm depths of my heart.
Corey (ReySon)
Help Meaghan out Here


DCC on YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

You will find above a Youtube video, which is run by two guys that own and operate DCC (Dubstep Cures Cancer). These two fine mates devote their time to operating a dubstep only YouTube channel, while selling DCC merch at the same time. The catch? Half the proceeds of all merch sold goes directly to cancer research funding. I haven’t personally met Cory or Matthew yet, but it would eventually be an honor to one day introduce myself face to face. More of mankind needs acts of love like DCC. Check out their YouTube page friends.

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