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Jul 21, 2011

According to Urban Dictionary, Wobble is a sensory transmission which causes one’s body to teeter, rock or lean repetitiously. A sensation caused by listening to certain styles of Drum and Bass or Dubstep music. The wobble, it comes!
Having that said, i collected for you all a slew of fresh “wobble” tunes that will hopefully make your body teeter, rock, or lean repetitiously.
If the wobble tunes weren’t enough, i’ve also tallied up a…

Top 20 Dirty Dubstep YouTube Comments!
#1 This is dirtier than princess diana’s dashboard.
#2 My cat listened to this and turned into a lion.
#3 The bass was so dirty, billy mays couldn’t clean it.
#4 Dirtier then putting date rape in a glass of ethiopian water and giving it to your dad.
#5 Dirtier than a nun doing power squats in a cucumber field.
#6 Last time i heard this Dub tune i was over in Japan bout a month ago!
#7 So dirty mom walked in and I switched to porn.
#8 This is dirtier than the 0.01% of bacteria that Lysol cant kill.
#9 Someone should flag this as inappropriate. this is just disgusting.
#10 I was going to go get a job, now I listened to this track and instead i will dig to the center of the earth.
#11 Its dirtier than fingering your sister and finding your dads wedding ring.
#12 This is the sound of optimus prime and megatron having hardcore gay anal in space.
#13 So disgusting I had to turn moderate safe search off in google to find it.
#14 This is dirtier than Hitlers Gas bill!
#15 This is dirtier than being locked up in a sperm bank for 2 weeks with nothing to drink.
#16 The drop is so heavy my rubix cube fell off my desk and completed itself.
#17 Japan called, they were pissed we dropped this in the ocean.
#18 I wish i could put this song in a bong…oh my god!
#19 I played this song wen i was having sex and i almost blasted a hole through my girlfriend.
#20 Oh god. There’s only one top comment. This is my chance! Okay… Don’t blow it now… “Boobies”
Have any dirty picks to add? Let me know down below!
Spencer & Hill – Beatrocka (High Rankin Remix) by 1ReySon
Bare Noize – Prepare to Die by 1ReySon
Lady Gaga – Edge OF Glory (Bare Noize Remix) by Bare Noize
Guns of the Patriots (Original Mix) by Warrior Music
Dirtyphonics – Oakwood by Dirtyphonics
Figure and Kanji Kinetic – Frankenstein (Original Mix) by Figure
DEFUNCT!- We Are The Party (Hoaxx Remix) by Mr HBF
Defunct! Feat Mc Loc E & Girl And A Gun – We Are The Party (Figure Remix) OUT NOW! by Figure
Dskotek – Double Dragon (Original Mix) by Dskotek
The Others – First Flight by Dub Police

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