The Boomzers “So Fuck You” EP


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Jun 11, 2011

The Boomzers make some hard hitting electro. You’re probably thinking, “wow, first the Tits & Clits” EP and now some more heavy electro!” Indeed I did do that! I’m in the mood for some heavy electro, what can I say? Especially when it kicks as much ass as this EP is going to. It consists of two original mixes called “Boom” (ft. Ftmpa) and “So Fuck You!” (ft. Circe). Very grimy synths that are gunna leave you ‘dazed and confused’ with you’re mouth wide open, drooling at their intoxicating sounds. Enjoy! Can’t wait for the release of this on June 17th on FREAKZ ME OUT RECORDS!


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The Boomzers – So Fuck You EP (Teaser) [OUT JUNE 17TH] by The Boomzers

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