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May 18, 2011

Yes, yes, yes. You don’t need to comment and say that you saw the title and pooped a little. I already know. The producing prodigy known to many as Mord Fustang (to me as a musical genius) released a clip of a new song on soundcloud the other day. Exciting i know. As usual it is far to $#&!ing short. I’m not quite sure why he only releases these 2 mins clips on his soundcloud? I know that he has 7 min (original mix) of lick the rainbow on Beatport and that it’s like in the #1 most sold right now. He also takes off any youtube vid that’s the song (some will call this cheap cuss the only way to get it is through beatport, I call that logical) ┬áMy buddy the other day raised an interesting idea, we were wondering if his songs sold on beatport (not just lick the rainbow) are the full original mixes, since we both don’t use Beatport cuss were too cheap for that 2.49$ cost, so if anyone knows post a comment please.

Fussy Boy – Gold (Mord Fustang Remix) by Mord Fustang


Lick The Rainbow by Mord Fustang

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