New DJ Kue Remixes of Britney and Motorcycle

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Feb 9, 2011

These two tracks are proof that if you sleep on Kue for even two weeks that you’ll miss out. Almost miraculously, his Britney remix is still available on the Soundcloud page, despite the fact that every producer who I’ve talked to that’s posted their remix has had it swiftly removed. Not sure why the label is hating on remixes of this track so hard.. this is free promo that we’re talking about, and it’s not like anybody is selling this stuff.

Once you put a recorded sound out there, I really don’t see what right artists have to restrict what people can do with it, as if in the purchase price it were implicit that you could listen to it quietly on your headphones but not load it up in ableton live and remix it. Here’s an idea: start selling official remix stems for tracks when you release them on the net. I know a dozen artists that would jump on a $20 or maybe even $50 stems package that was GPL’d, and that’s just me. Otherwise, you are just going to be happy with your ASCAP/SOCAN/etc dues, and let people do what they like with their legally purchased property OR you’re going to have to start selling tunes with EXPLICIT licenses like every other IP related industry does (can you imagine someone selling code on Codecanyon or Themeforest without an explicit license?)

It’s like Atmosphere says, “…put your deal up on our table and we’ll show you who’s the pimp.”

DJ Kue on Soundcloud

[audio:Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me (DJ Kue Remix).mp3,Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (DJ Kue Remix).mp3]

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