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Feb 5, 2011

I always love seeing the Kid Without Radio guys release new music videos. Pretty much everything they’ve done has that indescribable single-shot coolness that makes viral videos, well, viral. This one, featuring Edison and a space-y track called “artemis vs. the city” doesn’t disappoint.

Just who is ? Here’s his ee cummings inspired bio:

born in burnt hills new york, edison found heart, mouth, mind and fingers forever full of music. after decades of listening, capturing and growing, he finds himself daily spinning in san francisco. killing conceptions and sessions, he has vowed to never stop. the crew…papervehicle. the extended family….the cleaver leauge. stopping time, one fell swoop a day, and no remorse. engineer, sound design, composer, emcee, artist.

Check out more at kidwithoutradio.com.

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