Mathieu Ledoux Arizona Remix [Video]

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Oct 22, 2010

In April Mathieu went to Arizona to meet up with James and Jon (X-Rated) to film for his Revolution 90 seconds edit. Although Mathieu is pretty busy doing stunt work for the new TV show called ‘thirteen’ he found some time to create an exclusive edit for be-mag uniting some of the clips from the 90 seconds edit as well as some new footage from Montreal. As you might know already, Mathieu is and has always wanted to be a true innovator. Combining his rolling skills with his acrobatic moves taken from his parcouring experience makes him an exception in the field of rolling.

Intro by Oliver Nermerich
Photos by Awall
Footage by Jon (X-Rated) and Yan Lecomte
Edit by Mathieu Ledoux

The fact that Mathieu is and thinks different from most of the other people also becomes obvious when you look at the way he put together this edit. It not only contains skating, but also parcouring and some stunt scenes from a war movie he worked on in Russia called “We are from the future”. Yeah, this title seems to be tailored for Mathieu’s character. Innovators are ahead of the times, so is Mathieu.


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