The Rapture X Notorious B.I.G – No Sex For Cali (Lezington Blend)

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Sep 16, 2010

Most days I wake up and “hit the ground running” so to speak – I jump on my computer, and with eagerness I begin to comb through endless submissions for musical gold and the next big thing. There are those other days however, like today, when I feel a bit like Marvin the depressed robot because I am blogging another Biggie mashup. I know you guys like them though, and no, I am not insinuating that my brain is the size of a planet.

Anyways that’s a bit of melodrama – this is actually not a bad mashup, and it had my head nodding. You can check the artist here.

[audio:The Rapture x Notorious B.I.G. – No Sex For Cali (Lezington Blend).mp3]

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