Mock and Toof – Suppress Your Feelings

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Jul 16, 2010

Mock & Toof is a production pair with a remarkable knack for editing. The pair’s notoriety has come thanks in large part to the strength of a few dozen club-disintegrating edits and radical re-envisionings. Mock & Toof first earned the ears of another pair of proficient remixers, Tim Goldworthy and James Murphy, when they blindly emailed a demo to an address listed on the Death From Above imprint’s website. Soon after, the duo would be routinely called upon to re-contextualize the work of The Juan Maclean, Holy Ghost, Hot Chip, and other crown jewels of the DFA stable. All that before their ecstatic, elastic-pop DFA debut, “Underwater,” even saw the light of day in 2008.

Tuning Echoes, released on their own Tiny Sticks label, proves there’s more to this pair than the ability to turn up the dance knob on someone else’s jam. The album -and the gloriously sing-songy “Farewell to Wendo” in particular- is a testament to strengthening one’s own craft through strengthening others’.

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