Toronto – The Remix Capital of Canada (The World?)?

Perhaps this is unfounded, but maybe there is also some truth to it. Toronto’s scene has developed a reputation for helping to produce changes in the worlds music scene, often starting from making changes to other artists music. Today I want to share a couple of remixes from Toronto heavy hitters Autoerotique and Torro Torro.

Mike Gonek, aka Mikey Digits has been one of my most talented friends for a couple of years now. When he teamed up with Toronto native Yo Ev the stage became set for big things. Torro Torro has been getting spins globally with tons of love coming their way, especially for this remix of Goofee’s Flow out on Toronto label Intellegenix. The track has been getting spins from homies like Autoerotique, Kill the Noise, The American Dream Team and others. They are releasing a single this summer and will continue to produce remixes for Universal Records, better believe that you are witnessing a part of Toronto’s future on the rise. You can catch them at Wrongbar this Saturday with another DJ who has been going global with remixes for major labels like Turbo, John Roman… Okay fuck it, listen to that track too.

[audio:Gooffee – Flow (Torro Torro Remix).mp3,Styrofoam Ones – O.T.T.A.P. (Torro Torro Remix).mp3,Autoerotique – Gladiator (Torro Torro Remix).mp3,Proxy – 8000 (John Roman Lost Tourist Dub).mp3]

The majority of people will know about Autoerotique who come a long way from remixing Rihanna as VNDLSM. This duo has been putting out flaming hot records through Dim Mak for a while. In any case Keith sent over this remix of The Only’s Top of the Jam. Since I haven’t shared anything at all for some time now, i figured now was as good a time as any to get back to sharing.

[audio:The Only – Top of the Jam (Autoerotique Remix).mp3]

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