EPMD Set at Opera House May 28, 2010

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May 29, 2010

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing EPMD for the second time in the last year, and the more intimate Opera House setting served them well. These guys are great performers, and preach some truth – “don’t support that fast food rap that’s fuckin up my culture”. I’m not so brazen as to believe that all pop music is bad for you – we all need to indulge a quarter pounder or a shawarma once in a while.. the trick is not to eat that shit every day, because you can’t live on empty calories made from recycled newspaper.

For me, the opening DJs really made the show. Numeric & Dalia are proper DJs, with exquisite taste in old school hip hop, and absolutely rocked their switch-off opening set with hit after hit that had the whole audience singing along for a solid 2 hours.

Remember to dial these up to 1080p if you have a good enough monitor!!

EPMD – You Gots to Chill

EPMD – It’s My Thing

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