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Feb 22, 2010

There’s been a bunch of buzz around the web for the last week over some stuff that Deadmau5 released on a soundcloud channel.  One of the tracks actually climbed up the hypem chart too, though the poster speculated that the tracks might be fakes – they’re not.

He’s posted up in djforums in response to some silly criticism about the merits of his making dubstep in the first place, and comments ranging from “omg I just came” to “omg if deadmau5 popularizes the genre all the shitty hipsters will ruin it for us cool kids”.  His response?  “I’m just fucking around and practising guys.. you gotta switch it up every once and a while to keep sharp.”

Good on you man.

Deadmau5 has some wicked ideas in these tracks, and you can tell he’s on to something.  Joker is making some sick dubstep right now that has a that big room bass in it like this stuff, and I think it’s a wicked sound.  I hope that Deadmau5 continues to experiment making dubstep, and releases something proper!  You can check out a couple other incomplete, but interesting, mixes on his soundcloud channel. Link is below.

When the Levee Breaks, anyone?

Check out the rest of the tracks here: fuckmylife

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