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Feb 3, 2010

First things first, feel free to figure out if you think the Justice track I’ve included in this post is real or fake. After that listen to the other two songs by label mates DSL and Krazy Baldhead.

Krazy Baldhead opened for Rusko at Sound Academy this past Saturday. He was the reason why I went to the show. Having see Rusko perform twice in Toronto this past year, Krazy’s glitchy instrumental style is what drew me out to 11 Polson Peer. The crossover potential of his sound for a more mainstream audience seems more plausible over time than Dubstep’s recent emmergence as Toronto’s party music of choice – not that I’m complaining. I was not suprised that he mentioned his major musical influence was Jazz. Listen to Sweet Night, it is one of the funkiest tracks that I’ve heard come out of the Ed Banger camp in a while. I would feel equally comfortable playing this for my father as I would any of my friends. His live show had the crowd bouncing to music that had never heard before. A new sound billwoing through the ears of soon to be admirers. Krazy Baldhead made me fan.

DSL’s Find me in the World is one of the best blog finds I have had in a while. The Electonic Hip Hop group brings a unique flow and feel to electronic beats that make me happy I understand french. Its the kind of song that sets the pefect backtrack to whatever you are doing at the time. You find yourself singing along with the chorus the first time you hear it. Their EP for Stupid bitches featured a remix by the homie Rynecologist don’t sleep on picking up the EP.

@DJ Cal: There’s no debate here – the ‘Justice’ track has been confirmed as fake.

[audio:DSL – Find Me in The World.mp3,Justice – Begining of the End.mp3,Krazy Baldhead feat. Outlines – Sweet Night.mp3]

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