Over the last month everyone has been talking about the trailer for Justice’s Across the Universe. Over the next little while everyone will be talking about this video by the Bloody Beetroots. The video was released to build hype over their much anticipated Cornelius EP, which drops later this month. Though others may have suggested this video is nothing more than a rip off of the aforementioned Justice trailer, the fact that they may be right is irrelevant. These short vignettes into the lives of some of today’s biggest electronic superstars go to show that electronic music is no longer just dance music, it’s music to mosh to. Artists such as The Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, Justice etc. are no longer playing shows for people to rave to, they are playing shows that people rock to. A lot of the biggest acts in electronic music  are making the transition from funky and smooth to driving and distorted.  The same way rock started out swinging with Chuck Berry and ended up headbanging to AC/DC; house music may have found its inspiration at the Paradise Garage, but these artists could indicate a a move towards Ozzfest.

The last big Electro show I attended  (Crookers @ Circa in Toronto) involved crowd surfing, modified moshing, and other acts generally reserved for stadiums, pyrotechnics, and heavily distorted Marshall amplifiers. As Electro continues to get harder and faster, this movement is quickly changing my perception of house music DJs. Drunk and Drugged may have always been a part of the protocol, but what’s new, appears to be the way DJs feed off of the crowd.  Whether its Steve Aoki pouring out two bottles of Grey Goose over admirers in London Ontario, thinking a riot could break out at any moment after the Justice show this past March in Toronto, or lifting a DJ through the crowd as he casually lets the record play; these phenomena go to show that the DJ is no longer the man behind the scenes but the scene itself.

Please feel free to disagree with me below! Enjoy the videos, check out a bunch of heavily distorted electronic tracks I’ve tossed in, and make sure to cop the Cornelius EP for Christmas when it drops!

CORNELIUS from borntofilm on Vimeo.

(you may have heard some of them elsewhere, I have posted them in the hopes that they will help to exemplify my argument, please check out their myspaces as well)

[audio:Justice – Final (Metallica).mp3,Justice – Genesis (Datsu REMIX).mp3,Justice – NY excuse (Justice remix).mp3,Bloody Beetroots – Butter (EP Version).mp3,Bloody Beetroots – Rombo (Dirty Disco Youth Remix).mp3,ACDC – Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix).mp3,Late Of The Pier – Focker (Boys Noize Terror Remix).mp3,Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko (Boys Noize vocal mix).mp3,Tiga – Move My Body (Boys Noize Remix).mp3,Vitalic – la rock.mp3, Vitalic – poney part 1.mp3, ACDC – Thunderstruck (Tittsworth Remix).mp3,Wax Audio – Come To Nazareth (MLK-Obama Mix).mp3]


Boys Noize

Bloody Beetroots

Wax Audio




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