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Nov 12, 2009

This is a video by a 19 year old kid from Chicago named Jay Greedy.  He’s trying to get it on MTV james on the 14th of the month, and while the producers of the show have said they like it they want to see some support from the community first.

Here’s an interesting personal note about the content that came with the video:

In our scene in Chicago almost every pretty girl is a model, it really doesn’t take much to be a model nowadays all you have to do is know a photographer. I feel like the “real” models in Chicago who are actually talented are being drowned out by unprofessional, boujee pretty girls who have photographer friends. And to be for real with you, some of them are not even that good looking. So me and Criss Ruler (my label mate) decided to put the pen to othe pad and discuss this matter. The vid is rather grimy & eccentric. It kind of gives you the “fuck a haircut i’m not gonna impress you,” feel. Check it out!

Here’s their press kit:


Growing up in a south suburban home by Chicago, Illinois. James “Jay Greedy” King always had a passion for the arts. His knowledge and originality in music stemmed from his Nigerian heritage which his parents displayed to him at an early age. As a pre-schooler he would draw sketches of shoes and he would create rhythmic melodies using his mouth as a beatbox.

It wasn’t until James’ freshman year in high school when he learned how to compose music electronically by turning his visual thoughts into super-sonic sound.

He combined his love for a wide range of music and hip-hop to make earcandy for those who heard his compositions. That same year he started writing clever rhymes based off of personal relationships that he had encountered.

19 year old Jay Greedy is part of an indie music label called Angry Heroes who boast hands down the best young producers in the city of Chicago. Angry Hero Music Group boasts 3 super-producers and 4 artist including Jay Greedy, none of them are over 21! “I am just trying to surround myself with the best young talent from production to promotion'” said 19 year old Jay Greedy.

URB Magazine calls Jay Greedy’s label, “a label that freely allows him to explore his crazy inquisitive side.” Jay Greedy has been around Chicago greats from Good Music’s own GLC to Kid Sister and Yung Berg. He has been given oppurtunites to perform alongside huge Indie artist like Raekwon, Mic Terror and Million $ Mano. He has observed and learned from best and he is executing what he observed in style.

He put together his awesome beats and his inspirational and thought provoking lyrics together to dominate the indie scene in the city of Chicago, and he is currently gaining international steem from the internet. With Radio plays on his belt, while staying indie he is proving that he can handle all levels of music commercialism. He is now ready to take the action to your television set. Get ready because the reveloution will be televised.


Jay Greedy, Back up singer, and the best dj in Chicago Stefan Ponce.


Jay Greedy is currently working on what he calls the project that will change the coarse of music forever.  And the name of his project couldn’t reflect more the mind of this abstract artist, Dont Smoke The Cigarette Mixtape. This 19 year old has been working on this project for 2 years and he promises it is well worth the wait. He mixes nigerian house, pop, soul and Hip Hop to a culture who is now looking for great music but in different presentations. With His Single Fake I.D. available on all digital music retailers including itunes and amazon he is in the race to be a top 10 face in 2010. His single Fake ID reached the top spot on Chicago’s radio WGCI, he still considers his self a talented local artist with a long way to go. He keeps the integrity in his music with songs like I’m Sry, which talk about the pressures he endures in his city, due to that lack of Chicago websites exposing his music while talking about a break up at a same time!  In his European single Digital Love he mixes the element of the Daft Punk sample, “write it, get it , paste it, save It,” to talk about A long distance relationship between him and a certain woman he fell in love with. His experiment (as what he likes to call it) will be in a story setting manner, each song leading to the next. He calls it his life story! This kid is truly incredibly in the craft that he does. That is why his fans put him up with the league of, M.I.A., Kanye West, Jack Penate, and K’naan. But as Jay Greedy said in a blog interview, “The more left field musicians go, the more they stray away from the true path of making good music. My path is to leave my story behind in a beautiful song before I leave this world.” Jay Greedy can’t be any more correct.


Check out video of Jay Greedy Performing @ Chicago’s most esteemed wicker well!




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