AVIAN X Remixed by Designer Drugs and Kolt13

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Aug 24, 2009

This came in a couple weeks ago so I’ve had a while to sit on it and consider it. At first I thought both were just ok, and that the vocalist was a very average Amy Lee type sounding female singer.  I still think part of the latter is true – Natalia Ivachkevitch aka AVIAN X is heavily styled after Amy Lee, but to be fair it’s pretty clear that she has an excellent voice.  I’m not at all impressed with the first remix, and have come to expect more from Designer Drugs – the beat is really flat and repetitive, and I just can’t get in to it.  The second song, the 80s Kolt13 Remix is great though, and something I would listen to again.

AVIAN X’s Myspace

[audio:AVIAN X – Dark Circles (Designer Drugs – Club Mix).mp3,AVIAN X – My Life (Classic 80s Kolt13 Remix).mp3]

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