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Mar 4, 2009

It looks like one of my favorite So Cal Ska bands is getting back together, and I am not referring to No Doubt. While No Doubt managed to ease their way into the hearts of pre-pubescent tweens and popular charts, Sublime remained a soundtrack for the older skaters and punks alike. One of my favorite bands in High School (even though I was more of an after the fact fan as I am only 21), I am eagerly anticipating their return. They performed with new lead singer Rome, and will likely begin to work on a new album. So for now I wait with eager anticipation and excitement over the possibility of another Sublime album.

Since I mentioned No Doubt, I might as well mention this awesome new concept they are utilizing in their upcoming tour. They will be giving away their discography as a digital download to all concertgoers who pay full price for their tickets. I am happy to see that musicians are beginning to embrace the new music marketplace, as they attempt make it advantageous rather than complaining about people downloading their music for free.

Here is a little something topical, Neon’s “Dark Recession Remix”.
[audio:Sublime – Santeria (neON! Dark Recession Remix).mp3]

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