Barletta Turns his Answering Machine into a Source for Klever Samples

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Mar 16, 2009

Photo by Pat the Intern of DSRNR (MY BOY!)

Photo by Pat the Intern of DSRNR (MY BOY!)

What do you do when you are an awesome producer, and another awesome producer/dj calls you up to come out to a show? Use it as a sample for a track you drop on SalaciousSound the next day. Barletta, of Mansion, sent this over to me tonight. He said the track was inspired by the intesity of Klever’s show at West Lounge on Saturday night. In any case I will let the song speak for itself.

P.S Look out for an upcoming feature including an interview before the EP starts taking over the electronic music world.

[audio:Barletta Feat Klever – Klever Tuff as Nails.mp3]

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