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Feb 6, 2009

logo-1Verdis is a producer out of Cali whose tracks I came across while browsing some private message boards looking for music we haven’t heard before. With overdriven synths and choppy samples his style is  unique and impactful (I know its not a real word but it is marketing jargon perfect for this situation).  His remix of A Millie (yes I know you are thinking “ANOTHER A Millie Remix?!?”) is one of the best I’ve heard. I love the way the Evil Nine remix breaks down towards the end of the song. The way he fucks the vocals up is very cool and manages to be fidgety while remaining very melodic. Check out the myspace so you can say you were one of the first people to discover this cat when he blows!

[audio:Verdis – Knives feat. Phlegethon.mp3,Evil Nine – They Live! (Verdis Remix).mp3,Lil Wayne – Lollipop (Verdis Remix).mp3]


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