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Jan 21, 2009

So Monday I headed down to The Social for their well known weekly event Monday Meetings. This night featured Racer Motorz opening for DSRNR’s Meech. I’ve been kept in the loop about Racer Motorz by one of the duo’s members, Marco Glasman. Marco is also a promoter for arguably the best Monday night in the city. Neither of the DJs this evening operated with traditional turntables. Racer Motorz was rocking a Hercules through virtual DJ and Meech was using Serrato without turntables as controller. While some traditional DJs may scoff at this idea, the results were only positive. Racer Motorz held it down as a young DJ duo who are more focused on the release of their upcoming EP in February. Once the crowd was ready, they whipped them into a frenzy by dropping hot track after hot track and including a lot of lesser known material that made people move their feet. Meech has developed a solid reputation in the Toronto scene over the past year. The guy launched DSRNR as a way to take some cool pics and have a good time, but he ended up with a strong promotional franchise. Once he picked up Serrato and started to DJ it was all downhill from there (suggesting he kept gaining momentum), opening for acts like Crookers and LA Riots (Feb 5th in Waterloo). With nothing more than his computer and a mixer the man was able to pull some pretty clutch mixes that had me nodding my head and shaking my body. If I hadn’t seen it for myself I would have never believed that such a well orchestrated set came from nothing more than a computer plugged into a mixer. By the way, he had everyone left in the building, women and men, “Show me your genitals” at the end of his set. I am looking forward to hearing more from both of these up and coming acts who prove that the most important quality of a good DJ is the music they play, not how they play it!



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