Glitchy Beatles and Fidgety Prodigy

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Jan 7, 2009

This Beatles remix truly begs the question, why is it called a remix when it bares no resemblance to the original and the vocal sample is unrecognizable? More on this question in later posts because the difference in the “remix” vs. “original” definition in Hip Hop and House based on sampling intrigues me. The Prodigy Remix is a solid track that I think would do well in clubs. Fidgets Live is Small Houses has an AWESOME track name, and I love that sample early in the song, can anyone pinpoint it? This track is very nice a glitchy with a gra EH! type of yell at about 3 minutes in kind of like Raven by Proxy (I’m about to post another entry about this song because a few people I’ve talked to still haven’t heard it, or at least don’t know it by name and that is a travesty). Finally what would a glitchy, fidgity post be without some Crookers!

[audio:The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand (Hoshina Anniversary Remix).mp3,The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (AC Slater Remix).mp3,Crookers – Para De Vendetta (Funky Ro and JNS Remix).mp3]
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