Disco Rocks! (DiscoTech, Chaka Khan, The Police and More)

So I’ve got a bunch of goodies for you today. One of our favorite remixers here at SalaciousSound is back  with two hot remixes of classic rock hits. This EPIC Discotech remix of the Police’s Roxanne is first on the bill.  This is an awesome way to drop The Police into your any DJ set, it breaks down into the original early in the song, and builds up throughout the track into a track with pumping bass and a new melody that suits the song perfectly. The remix of the Stones Satisfaction is less satisfying, they maintained the main melody with amped up the drums and hitting an Electro buildup around the 1:30 mark. Let me know which you prefer! From the lesser known Mercurius FM we have two remixes. I love hearing remixes of old soul and disco hits such as this Chaka Khan remix with interesting drums and choped up vocals. Mercurius also took to remixing Stardust, they’re not the first to do it, but certainly worth a listen. I have also thrown in a Dunproofin Remix of Roxanne, its a very different direction than the DiscoTech track but an interesting listen never the less.

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[audio:The Police – Roxanne (DiscoTech Remix).mp3,Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman (Mercurius FM Disco House Remix).mp3, Rolling Stones – Satisfaction (DiscoTech Remix).mp3,Stardust – Music Sounds Better With U (Mercurius FM Special Club Edit).mp3,The Police vs. Olives – Roxanne You Are Not Alone (Dunproofin Remix).mp3]
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