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Dec 24, 2008

This Monday I checked out DJ Been Jammin’, who has had his mixes featured on Salacious Sound before, at Atelier alongside DJ Illo of Team Canada. Both of these cats cut to perfection playing everything from golden era Hip Hop and R&B, to hard hitting Electro bangers. Illo has been in the game for a while now and certainly has developed a lot of skills with his extensive experience. Been Jammin is new to the game, however, with a great background in music he has hit the decks running and developed a sweet style and awesome ability to fly between Electro and Hip Hop.

I got a chance to talk to Illo about DJing and the fact that so many people are picking it up as a hobby these days. I was interested in whether he thought that the visual aides that have been developed are cheapening the art form. While he agreed that it takes less talent to become a mediocre DJs these days, there will always be those who are a cut above the rest, those with the technical ability to spin without wave bars on a computer screen as they spin. He is one of those DJs, he kicked awesome tracks, dropped them with various styles, scratching and cross fading the sounds of the night together.

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I will definately catch Illo next time he is in town with the Eh! Team Canada DJs and am looking forward to checking out DJ Been Jammin when he opens for A-Track in February.

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