Let Me Tell You What It’s All About! Ableton?

Today DJing isn’t just spinning records and playing tracks; it has become an interactive music performance in the sense that DJs perform other peoples’ music. Whether the artist is spinning using tables, with or without Serato, or with a sequencer like Ableton, DJing is no longer just letting the record play. The Panic Mechanics utilize intricate adjustments in pitch, as well as effects and sampling to mix and blend different songs into one cohesive unit. The mixing in Daft Punk’s live tour was accomplished through many controllers and Ableton’s sequencing software. Other artists who use Ableton include Armen Van Burren, Diplo, and Greg Gillis (Girl Talk) uses a similar application called audiomulch.

Recently I was looking for more information on Ableton to figure out exactly how I felt about the controversial software. To me it is just another avenue DJs can use to express themselves. Whether people want to argue over its authenticity is irrelevant. This video posted by Youtube member Realtablist shows some of the awesome capabilities of this program prompted this post. This artist has had plenty of experience as a battle DJ and hails from Belgium and has more recently mastered the use of Ableton Live. With various controllers and two tables this artist is able to craft his own song sampling and sequencing on the fly. Overall this an awesome example of how someone can sample tracks to create something all their own in Ableton.

The problem people have with Ableton, and to a lesser extent Serato, is that the art of beat matching is being lost on some younger DJs. Turtablists view the art of beat matching as a basic skill that any DJ should posess, and I most certainly agree. However, I have to say that DJs with strong fundementals are able to exploit this techonology to its fullest potential as this new avenue seems have few limitations on its horrizon. While some may argue that using Ableton or comparable sequencers is not the same as playing live, you cannot deny the fact that these artists, whether they use two decks or Ableton, are doing more than just letting the record play – they are playing the record their own way. We would love to hear some feedback from our readers on the subject of Ableton, DJing, and whether either of these constitute Live Music!

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and a couple of related videos and tracks for your viewing/listening pleasure!

[audio:Daft Punk – Face to face vs Harder Better Faster Stronger vs Short Circuit(Live).mp3,Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Diplo Remix).mp3,Armin Van Buuren – Live at Cream 15th Birthday in Liverpool (Radio 1).mp3]

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